The Partners and Associates of JCW have extensive experience and expertise in handling dispute resolution and litigation matters. We take pride in our advocacy skills, whilst recognising the importance of knowing and understanding client’s need and objective to achieve the best and most relevant legal solutions for the client.

We aim to maintain excellence in our work while preserving the integrity of the legal profession by practicing the law fearlessly, conscionably and responsibly. We are committed to provide personalized legal services to our clients.

Our areas of practice include :-

   Bankruptcy & Personal Insolvency
   Banking & Finance Disputes
   Building Construction/ Contract Disputes
   Civil Litigation
   Company & Shareholders’ Disputes
   Matrimonial & Family Law
   Employment Disputes
   Estate Administration and Management
Eviction & Squatters/ Trespassers’ Disputes
   Execution Proceedings
   Goods Sold and Delivered
   Guarantees & Indemnities
   Hire Purchase & Leasing Disputes
   Industrial Relations
   Injunctive Remedies & Urgent Pre-Emptive Remedies
   Intellectual Property Disputes
   Joint Management Body (JMB) & Management Corporations (MC) Issues
Judicial Review
   Land Acquisitions
   Land Disputes
   Landlord and Tenant Disputes
   Partnership Disputes
   Probate & Administration
   Recovery of Professional Fees, Debts and Properties
   Sale of Goods & Mercantile Disputes
   Tenancies and Leases Disputes
   Tort Generally (including Assault, Abuse of Process,   Harassment, Nuisance & etc.)
   Town Planning Law
   Winding-up, Corporate Insolvency & Liquidation

List of reported case laws previously handled by the Partners of JCW.